We Are of Dust

New Book out 3rd Dec 2018

A historical thriller and love story about a Jewish girl and a Nazi-indoctrinated boy trying to escape pre- WW2 Germany, set against the backdrop of a ship of refugees, resistance fighters and spies.

 ‘You wouldn’t have got close to me if you’d known who I was.’

 After all, she had been taught to hate him too.

Alice Sommer, the half-Jewish daughter of a prominent German physicist, and Kurt Hertz, a troubled Hitler Youth from the poorest district of Berlin, couldn’t have less in common; but when they each find themselves on the run from the Gestapo, cast adrift aboard a ship of spies, refugees and resistance fighters, their destinies become inextricably linked.

With the ship becoming a matter of special interest to some of the most influential members of the Nazi Party, the stakes are raised even higher. Will Alice and Kurt be able to put aside their seemingly irreconcilable differences for the sake of their own lives?

For fans of Rose Under Fire, The Book Thief and Between Shades of Gray

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